Day One

I have turned into a chronic complainer.  I have a positive outlook on life and my glass is always half full.  But I’ve just been on a rant these last few months where I complain about everything … more than once.  As an example, I hate living in the town we currently live in.  I have made that a well known fact and I seem to feel the need to remind my husband almost daily how unhappy I am living here.  There isn’t anything he can do to change it right now and my constant complaining only makes him feel like a failure or like he’s letting me down.

I read an article the other night about how complaining  rewires the brain to be negative.  Complaining also affects people around you.  I know this to be true, so I have made it my goal try to find the good in each thing that I feel the need to complain about.  I want to focus on at least one positive thing each day.

It has dumped rain all weekend, but it made for a cozy stay-in kind of day today and it keeps everything green.  I was home with my husband and children and there isn’t any place else I would have rather been.



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